ISP configuration - New subnet on existing interface

  • Dear all,

    In these days I'm trying to understand if Pfsense could be a valid solution for a ISP network.
    I have implemented a testing network where test all the possible scenarios.

    I have 2 PFsense in HA configuration.
    I have configured 1 "global" WAN and 1 LAN per customer.
    On the WAN interface is configured a /29 network. All the customer's networks are forwarded to Pfsense using a static ip route on the BGP router. Ip route forwards all the incoming traffic to WAN VIP.

    Usually I assign a public /29 subnet to my customer.

    My problem is this: if a customer requests more than /29 IP (in a successive moment), I want to be able to add a new subnet on the customer's interface (I don't want to create a new interface)
    I have tested some different configurations, but I'm not been able to have a working solution.

    If somebody is working in the same scenario, can share his configuration with me??

    Thank you so much!!!

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