Routing Problem through IPsec Tunnel

  • Hi there! I have a routing Problem, which is somehow connected to IPSec. I'm having 2 Sites both running PFSense 2 with the following Setup:

    SITE A                                                                                                                                                        SITE B

    –-- WAN1 Net ( ------- Router1 ------
                                                    |                                                                          |
    LAN ( ---- PFSense                                                                              --- Internet ------------- PFSense ---- LAN (
                                                    |                                                                          |
                                                    ---- WAN2 Net ( ------- Router2 ------

    I have a IPSec Tunnel setup an working fine through Router 1 and I can access LAN from Site A and the other way around. Now I want to access the Router 1 and 2 from Site B Network. The Problem is,
    I cannot ping/access the router but only the PFSense WAN1 Interface IP. On Site A PfSense I had to Setup static routes to get access to the router, which works fine from Site A Lan, but not via Tunnel. I created 2 Phase 2 entries for and whose statuses are green. Where is my mistake?

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