• Hello,

    I need to activate a  ipsec vpn on a pfense 1.2.x.

    The client's network is and they need to connect to remote a.b.c.1 and a.b.c.2.

    Client's packet 192.168.0.x must be natted to 10.x.y.1 if i go to a.b.c.1 and 10.x.y.2. if i go to for a.b.c.2.

    a.b.c.1 and a.b.c.2 are required from remote company because they won't

    PfSense 1.2.x is able to source nat packets before sending them into the tunnel vpn?

    Thank you

    thanks in advance

  • not possible with any version at this time, but may end up in 2.1. With all current versions, NAT has to happen on a separate system from IPsec.

  • ok, i will try with 2.1

    Thank you