Limiters and Bridging

  • Hi

    built on Mon Oct 29 07:54:13 EDT 2012

    Are limiters working on bridges?. I have to 1 and to 0.

    I can't limit my static ip.

    Thanks, Cya

  • Well the answer for now is it depends.
    You need to describe more the setup, though its a bit tricky to get right.

  • Hi

    My Setup

    Platform: nanoBSD (4G) intalled on Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU E1200 @ 1.60GHz


    • Wan -> PPPoE

    • LAN -> BRIGE - LOC <-> Wifi (Static IPv4 & IPv6 Tunnel Broker HE )

    • LOC -> Local network (Configuration Type None)

    • Wifi -> Wireless (Configuration Type None)

    • He_IPv6 -> Tunnel Configuration


    • 2 - One dynamic the other tunnel broker


    • Wan (HFSC)

    • LAN (HFSC)

    • InLimitLan (1Mb)

    • OutLimitLan (200Kb/s)

    Rule with Limiter

    • Interface: LAN

    • IP version: 4 & 6

    • Protocaol: TCP/UDP

    • Source IP: the low Bandwidth PC IP (ex:

    • ADV Features: In/Out: OutLimitLan/InLimitLan

    Other Services/Features:

    • one IPsec Tunnel

    • No packages installed

    • Allow NAT-PMP Port Mapping on LAN


  • Hello followup on since there is an issue i will try to solve ASAP.

    Thank you for reporting.

  • HI

    No, i thank you.

    I will give some feedback on this one


  • i can confirm that it works fine on 30th oct snaps but from 31st onwards, bridged interfaces fall dead even if no limiter set on the wireless device ip which is bridged to lan, the wireless client looses internet access with or without limiters set to its ip

  • I think that is another issue xibpin.

    Please open a new thread.

  • let me just try this one more time and even after u fixed the limiter on bridge issue so im dead sure if thats the cause or something else,  think that might be the issue only

  • @ermal:

    I think that is another issue xibpin.

    Please open a new thread.

    confirmed, bridging with limiter broken as well as general bridging without limiters also broken, opened a new thread for it

  • tried the 6th November snap and it seems sorted out now, bridging with and without limiters both work fine

  • I can't limit nothing. For me the built on Tue Nov 6 16:28:21 EST 2012 does not react to limiters.

  • u need to creates rules to assign the limiters to clients and also set proper schedules to limiters

  • paste the content of this file


  • I try with and without schedules. I have to reboot the router??

    pipe 1 config  bw 450Kb bw 0

    pipe 2 config  bw 150Kb bw 0

    pipe 3 config  bw 450Kb bw 0

    pipe 4 config  bw 150Kb bw 0

    ps: I have a rule in Lan interface for the limited IP addresses (One IP for now test propose). Like i describe in 3 reply. I will try with schedulers if i miss anything. I have one scheduler with all days, if we need a scheduler then we should have one by default.

  • it seems u have set schedule to none in ur limiter, not ur firewall rule but also noticed there is still a bug in limiter which results in the config showing bw twice, for time being create a schedule for a 24 hour period and assign it to the limtier and ull see the bw will appear only once then try and it should work fine

  • "@xbipin"

    No, simple is 2 identical rules, not duplicated. My fault.

    pipe 3 config  bw 1000Kb

    pipe 4 config  bw 300Kb

    you are right with the last build this work but with scheduler.

  • ermal has put in a patch, the next snap should fix this issue for limiters with schedule set as none

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