Pfsense + netgear gs748t switch vlan

  • Hi having some problem here..hope someone could shed some light..

    i couldnt get dhcp from pfsense for my vlans

    here is my setup


    em0 - Lan
    re0 - Wan
    em1 - Vlanoffice
    em1 - vlanguest

    Vlanoffice - vlan id 10
    vlanguest - vlan id 20

    dhcp is on for both vlan
    firewall rules allow for both vlan
    nat for both vlan

    port 1 - pfsense in
    port 2/47 - unused
    port 48 - wireless ap

    vlan id 10 - port 1 tagged , port 48 untagged..
    vlan id 20 - port 1 tagged , port 48 untagged
    default vlan -  port 48 untagged

    wireless ap

    ssid guest - vlan 20
    ssid office - vlan 10

    got my notebook connect to either 1 ssid , i get limited connection…

  • Since you have multiple VLANs from your AP: i expect them to be tagged.
    In this case you would need to set the port 48 to tagged for both VLANs.

    As a test: connect the AP directly to the pfSense (since you only seem to have one cable).

  • thx GruensFroeschli .. i will give it a try when im back to work.. =)

  • Hi just wanna reply my solution. The dhcp is working now

    MY current setup is

    vlan id 1 - port 1 Tagged , 2-48 untagged
    vlan id guest - port 1 Tagged , port 48 Tagged

    Wireless ap  :
    SSID guest - vlan id guest
    SSID office - vlan id 1

    And everything is working now…

  • I wouldn't never use the vlan id 1 for anything.
    Since it's internally in the switch used for every frame per default it can really fast lead to a setup which doesn't work the way you want.

  • u suggest that i create a new vlan for office network rather than using vlan 1 ?

  • yes. most people don't use vlan1 for any client connected systems

    i personally have a couple of sites where i use vlan1 for all management interfaces.
    these have the switch management interfaces and esx console interfaces etc etc etc

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