2.01 embedded on 256MB Compact Flash

  • Can it be done and how if it can be done?

    For some strange reason my CF-readers will not accept 1 or 4 Gb cards but it will run from a 256MB card.
    I know there is a 512MB image out there but i don't have a 512 card and the stores around here doesn't have anything smaller than a 4GB.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Nope!  ;)

    Your CF card reader probably doesn't support UDMA correctly and most newer and larger cards are UDMA.
    See: http://www.fccps.cz/download/adv/frr/cf.html

    Depending on how your card reader is connected your may be able to disable DMA.


  • Well that explains why it wont boot but it doesn't explain why i shouldn't be able to put an image on a 256 card :)

    On the other hand
    Never Mind - IT BOOTED :)

    The link talked about disabling IDE features so I turned of everything i Could in the Bios Regarding to HDD features and now it boots.
    Not fast - not fast at all but it boots and that is what counts  ;D

    Thanks Man

  • For anyone else running into the same problem.

    My motherboard is a asus P5p800 SE.
    Latest bios (803 i think)
    One IDE CF card reader with a sandisk ultra 4GB card

    What i did was to set the primary master (the cf card) in Bios to
    Pio mode: 2
    Udma: 0
    And to only use single word dma.

    With that it boots the 2.01 4Gb embedded image without problems.