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  • First time user.  I installed pfsense a couple days ago, still exploring various configurations/options.
    One problem/concern I found while testing/experimenting (specifically with Squidproxy/Squidguard and Dansguardian)
    is I installed the packages, played with various configs within said packages.  Then decided I wanted to uninstall
    and start over.  I remove the packages, then reinstall them. But to my dismay, it keeps the previous configuration for all the above
    mentioned programs. The reason I wanted to uninstall/reinstall was to start with a new/fresh config.

    Any advice?


  • Yes, the settings get preserved in config.xml - handy if you are deinstalling then installing again, not so handy if you want a fresh start.
    You can (carefully) edit /cf/conf/config.xml to get rid of them - first backup your config from Diagnostics:Backup/Restore (to allow a restore if you really mess up the edit), then you can use Diagnostics:Edit File to load, cut, save. The <installedpackages>section has the settings. Make sure to remove whole chunks with the matching start and end markers like <squid>and</squid> .
    Unfortunately, the sections are not always all named the same as the package name - e.g. after removing squid3 I end up with a <squidcache>and a <squid>section that needs cutting out, like this:


    So you do need to look through it sensibly. e.g. I had mailscanner installed and I notice now that it has left behind a heap of sections in the config.
    If others have a better way of achieving this, please post…</squid></squidcache></installedpackages>

  • What all does the FACTORY DEFAULTS do?  Would this take care of it you think?

  • Banned

    I think so

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