MultiWAN with less physical interfaces

  • Hi guys, I have the following situation:
    LAN <pfsense>MultiWAN Load Balancing

    interface configuration in pfSense is structured as follows:
    eth0 - LAN / 8
    eth1 - WAN 1 GW
    eth2 - WAN2 GW
    eth3 - WAN3 GW

    The problem is this the server has no other physical network interfaces and I need to add two more WAN interfaces.

    I tried to put all the GW on WAN1 class / 24 but pfsense could not do load balancing.

    What should do in this situation?

    Virtual interfaces? VLANs? and how to configure it?</pfsense>

  • you'd need a manageable switch that supports vlan tagging.

    -create a seperate vlan for each wan-connection
    -add all "modems" on untagged ports on the switch / but on a diff vlan for each connection
    -create a trunk port that includes all vlans and connect it to your pfsense machine.

  • I've this switch

    But I never set up this type of equipment, can you give me an hand? in the manual that I have attached see page 58.

    I think I need to enable Tag VLAN but then I do not know what to do.

    Thank you!!!

  • Rebel Alliance

    Here you have an example, is in Spanish…... is from a 2109WEB, Port 1 is the "Trunk port" (taged), ports 2 to 8 are the "Access ports" (untaged),47388.msg249100.html#msg249100

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