OpenNTPD configuration (v. 1.2-RC2 embedded)

  • small bug;

    I enabled the "OpenNTPD service" yet it does not display under "Status: Services".

    I used the command "ps -aux" and found;

    _ntp  91800  0.0  0.2  1344  1056  ??  S    8:50AM  0:00.07 ntpd: ntp engine
    root  91801  0.0  0.2  1376  1052  ??  Ss    8:50AM  0:00.00 ntpd: [priv] (nt

    So, appears to be running but not shown on the GUI.


  • It doesn't show as a service in earlier versions of 1.2 either.

  • I think it would be helpful to list "selected - on" services. Would this be difficult to do?

  • I applogize this is slightly off topic.
    I was reading this thread trying to figure out if i may have an issue and find that the ntp engine is running however it hasnt updated in two days. the last time it updated was when i installed pfsense
    Sep 24 21:37:42 ntpdate[251]: adjust time server offset -0.061082 sec
    I searched for a little insite into how offen it updates and possible problems.
    I know the clock wasnt that far off but in two days there should be some drift to show in an update.

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