Configuring PFsense with six distinct public C class

  • Hi all,
    I've a question regarding the configuration of 6 distinct public C class on pfsense.
    The class are on different segment  212.x.x.0/24 151.x.x.0/24 213.x.x.0/24 194.x.x.0/24 and so on , with relative gw on segment.
    I need a centralized firewall for those class, and i want to put pfsense between the cisco router ( that manage the default GW for those class) and the local machine.
    Which is the best way to configure pfsense in this scenario?
    Thanks in advice.

  • Depends on switching, bandwidth throughput, ect…

    Low bandwidth + managed switches = Assuming the networks are on separate vlans, a pair of interfaces and using vlan separation.
    Low(100MB)/Medium(1GB) bandwidth + unmanaged switches = 7 interfaces one for each network + one to the Cisco.
    1GB+ then a LAAG configuration or 10GB nics.

    Why not just use pfSense as the firewall and default gateway?  ...wouldn't be the first time a 5xx/2xxx/3xxx series router was replaced by a pfSense box;)

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