1:1 NAT only working on WAN, not on OPT1 (my second WAN)

  • Hi, I have a simple dual-WAN setup on pfsense 1.2b. I've read every tuturial, and can't seem to figure out what's going wrong.

    I have mutliple WAN 1:1 NAT setup, and all the proper Virtual IP's setup (and they're associated correctly with WAN or OPT1 respectively)

    LAN =
    WAN = xxx.xxx.xxx.241 / 28 (block of 16 IP from ISP)
    OPT1 - xxx.xxx.xxx.193 / 28 (block of 16 IP from ISP)

    I can add LAN rules that point traffic out each gateway, and they both do work, both interfaces are up.

    I can add 1:1 NAT rules for any IP on the WAN they all work fine. Whatever machine on my LAN is assigned that external address from the WAN, it works great.

    If I try to create a 1:1 NAT rule for any IP on the OPT1 , and create a virtual IP (assigning it to OPT1)… it doesn't work. And yes, I'm setting up the 1:1 NAT rules on the OPT1 if that external IP address is from OPT1

    Any Ideas?

  • What type of VIP are you using on the OPT WAN?

  • Hi, I'm using Proxy ARP, interface OPT1, single address….

    Thanks very much.

  • Greetings ,

    Im trying configure my fw using 1:1 NAT , but its not working , can u help me ?

  • Just checking, but you're not trying to setup 1-1 NATs on WAN and OPT are you? 'Cause that won't work. If you need a machine to be available externally from both WANs, use port-forwards.

  • No No… I'm trying to setup DIFFERENT servers inside the LAN with external IP addresses.

    For example: inside the lan has an 1:1 NAT for an external IP on WAN inside the lan has a 1:1 NAT for an external IP on OPT1

  • Hi,
    I succeeded into making a similar config up and running.
    I had to add Firewall rules on the OPT1 to allow traffic to

    jy  :)

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