Cannot Configure Multiple IPs

  • Hi everyone,

    Ok I am an IT Support tech so have a pretty good hands on knowledge on fixing things and setting up networks etc. However I have never had experience setting up an advanced firewall etc. I have done a lot of searching and there is a lot of posts of people requesting the same/similar to what I want, however I cannot figure it out.

    What I have:

    Fiber NTU
    PFSense on Dell 1RU server

    • 6 Physical NICs
      Internode as my ISP with a static IP + a /29 subnet

    What I want:

    Configure PFSense to port forward the desired IPs that I want to which ever server I want. I do not want 1:1 NAT.

    I have tried for a few days following several suggestions and tips from this forum and others. However I think some of the instructions might be lacking or assuming knowledge/other settings to have already been set. I wont list everything that I have tried and I would like help to set this up from scratch. If need be I can pay for more personal assistance.

    I will include all actual information so there is no confusion.

    WAN Interface
    Internode (ISP)
    Gets assigned Static IP:

    /29 Subnet

    LAN Interface

    LAN Interface

    At this stage I want to know how to forward ports from an IP in the /29 subnet to an IP on either of the LANs. Please assume I have no knowledge and try to explain the steps involved not just "add virtual IP".

    Thanks for reading and any assistance,

  • NVM

    Turns out ISP had routed an IP range that was already in use.

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