Dual Wan Question - Routing traffic

  • I load balancing or failover is not a huge concern to me, but here is what I want to do.

    I have 2 cable modems 1.) WAN 2.) OPT1

    I have 6 computers - 105

    I want ALL traffic from - 102 routed to WAN

    I want ALL traffic from - 105 routed to OPT1

    What process do I need to follow? to make this happen.


  • Create rules on LAN?
    I assume you havent tried but…. It's pretty selfexplaining.
    If you really have problems post again.

  • Yes I did create rules under firewall > rules > lan

    Proto * Source Port * Destination !Lan net Port * Gateway *

    and another with the exact same thing except gateway is opt1.

    tell me if this is right?

  • 1: Create two aliases. Aach contains all the IP's you want to have together in a group.
    2: Create two rules that are above the default allow all rule.
    3: Set as source in each rule the alias with your IP's.
    4: Destination should stay in every rule on *
    5: Set as gateway WAN respectively OPT1
    6: Leave in the default rule the gateway on *

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