Tunnel to Cisco 2800 router

  • I'm having trouble setting IPsec tunnel to a Cisco 2800,  I got the tunnel working without any security but soon as I try IPsec in any form I loose connection.  (errors in phase 2)

    I've tried to build my config based on various guide but could not find any that included a Cisco router.

    Instead of trying analyse my current setup I was wondering If anyone can point me to a step by step pfsense + cisco guide?

    I'm not to concerned about the security, a simple "tunnel key" would be enough

  • Hi. Your problem is repeated, and my.
    This problem can emulate.
    Execute commands on cisco 2812:
    clear crypto sa

    VPN will by work only i reload service ipsec on pfsense.

    Cisco 2811 Version 12.4(24)T6

  • You may post your cisco config if you want someone to be able to help

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