A few noob questions

  • First build here.

    I have the comp and 3 NICs installed: bge0 (WAN), re0 (LAN), re1 (OPT1). I have the ethernet cable from my modem plugged into WAN and another ethernet cable running from LAN to my computer. From the install guide I should now be able to access the web interface via the default IP ( and default credentials (admin, pfsense)….but I cannot.

    Could one you fine folks guide me here?

  • Hmmmm.  Well - I assume your LAN is set up on    The default?
    Are you sure you don't have LAN and WAN confused?  Or that LAN1 and LAN2 are not switched?

  • Banned

    Or even a simple ping for starters…

  • Got it figured out, I didnt configure DHCP properly on the LAN.

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