Internet cuts out after enabling advanced outbound NAT

  • Have an Asterisk box behind pfSense that, despite having the proper NAT port forwards (5060-5069 TCP/UDP, 10000-30000 UDP) and rules (5060-5069, 10000-30000 TCP/UDP) destined for its local IP, was not receiving all incoming calls.  On the basis of advice I read on this forum and elsewhere I enabled advanced outbound NAT on interface WAN source with static port enabled and placed this above the auto created rule for LAN.

    Since doing so I have noticed two issues:

    1. There are two clients on this same subnet that access the Internet through the WAN.  They now suffer an occasional drop in the connection (Internet will pause for 30 seconds or so).

    2. Despite doing the above, my firewall log is constantly blocking traffic.  Here is a sample log entry where would be my PUBLIC IP:

    Oct 18 23:24:38  NG0  TCP
    Oct 18 23:24:39 NG0 TCP
    Oct 18 23:24:40 NG0 TCP
    Oct 18 23:24:41 NG0 TCP
    Oct 18 23:24:42 NG0 TCP
    Oct 18 23:24:42 NG0 TCP

    Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong here?  Thanks in advance.


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