• Can OLSR be configured to function using MACs instead of IPs to direct traffic ?
    (obviously with pfSense set to Bridge mode)
    And, can it be set to use the first wlan card for 2.4ghz 802.11g local AP traffic and the second wlan card for 5ghz 802.11a mesh backhaul and pass-through traffic?
    If so, I know the gui hasn't been developed for it yet, so any config file help is appreciated.
    Thanks, -pc

  • olsrd is used for routing so it will always use ipadresses what you want is olsrd on the second lancard and no olsrd on the first card
    open a shell

    cd /usr/local/etc
    replace  with you lan network or wireless network or add both
    remove if you don't want the olsrd mesh to use youre internet conection

    nano olsrd.conf
    DebugLevel      2
    IpVersion      4
    ClearScreen    yes

    HNA IPv4 routes

    syntax: netaddr netmask

    Example Internet gateway:

    #  Internet gateway:
    #  more entries can be added:

    close file with control + X

    start olsr with
    olsrd -i xl0 >> /dev/null &
    replace xl0 with you second wireless interface

  • it will always use ipadresses
    Is there any way to get OLSR to pass regular ethernet (MAC) traffic such as using VPN over OLSR set up in pfSense, or other trick?
    Another possibility if the above won't work: Can pfSense in Bridge mode also do "spanning tree protocol"?  If so, is this possible solution worthy?
    Thank you for the helpful replies,
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