Layer 7 how to? Can't find any documentation.

  • I'm attempting to setup very simply layer 7 qos for team fortess 2/counter strike but i'm not sure how to proceed.

    This is what i have so far:

    This alone seems to do nothing. The qGames shows no traffic. Is there an additional rule I need to create? I attempted a floating any/any + layer7 rule and that ended up throwing all of my traffic into the qGames queue.


  • Since the rule where you apply the L7 needs to be a "pass" rule, I would create a rule on the LAN interface, above the "catchall" rule, for catching this traffic

  • Just being a PASS rule doesn't explain why Diablo saw all traffic honor the L7.  This says that all packets matched the L7. Doubtful.

    I have the same problem trying to use the L7's.  I add the FTP L7 to my floating FTP Wan out dst port 21 rule and all web traffic comes to a screeching halt.  What an FTP rule has to do with HTTP traffic is beyond me.  I have yet to find one explaination of how to use L7 Pass to Match.  I set a tag (match) word on the pass rule and followed this rule with a "match to" and queue but doesn't work.  With or without the dst port 21 in the second rule, same result.

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