IPsec between Cisco ASA port 80 not working.

  • Hi,

    I have setup IPsec vpn with Cisco ASA in remote side, tunnel is up and can ping network both side however I noticed that port 80 is not working, did packet capture both side but can't get any http
    packet traverse in vpn tunnel. I tried to telnet the remote server with different port like 445 and
    I got the packet captured on that port both side. All ports are working both side but not http port.
    Any help is appreciated. Thanks

    I used this config
    Authentication method: Mutual PSK
    Negotiation mode: main
    Encryption algorithm: AES 256 bits
    Hash algorithm: MD5
    DH key group: 2

    Protocol: ESP
    Encryprtion algorithms: AES 256 bits
    Hash algorithms: MD5
    PFS key group: 2

  • Hi, I've the same problem here. I can access port https, smtp, pop3 and ping on remote side but no http (the remote side doesn't see any incoming http packet). I've no specific ipsec rule, everything is allowed. I use port 800 for local Squid proxy. Transparent proxy is checked in Squid configuration.

    Squid 2.7.9v4.3.3
    Squidguard 1.4.4v1.9.3

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