Relayd - and fall back pool on different port

  • Hello :)
    I did not find any items about my problem.

    I am configuring a load balancer policy with 2 pools: an "active" and a fallback.
    The active pool is configured on port 80
    The fallback pool is on port 8080.

    The fallback pool is down, an not packet are issued by relayd checks (verified by tcpdump).
    The active pool is working as expected (checks on port 80).

    The configuration for relayd is:

    log updates
    timeout 1000
    table <web-frontend>{
    table <web-master>{
    dns protocol "dnsproto" {
    tcp { nodelay, sack, socket buffer 1024, backlog 1000 }
    redirect "Elections" {
      listen on port 80
      forward to <web-frontend>port 80 check http '/municipales/'  code 200
      forward to <web-master>port 80 check http '/municipales/'  code 200

    I attach a screen capture of the pool configuration.
    As you can see, web-master is configured as port 80, not 8080 …

    Is it a known bug, a dumb configuration or something new ?

    Thanks for you help

    EDIT: I am using version 2.1 release

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