• internet
    city wifi == [ral0 pfsense rl0] == [dsl router] == [win32]

    ral0 is
    rl0 is
    dsl router is on
    win32 is

    I hope this chart make sense. :)

    I want to share dsl connection with folks from wifi (I'm on win32 machine).
    Is such setup possible, and how should I route packets so I can access wifi/net and give city wifi net access?


  • You would use the wireless just as anyone from the City wifi would. Assuming I'm understanding what your trying to do.

  • Yes, that is my intetntion but doesn't know how to setup routes?

    rl0 isn't actually on WAN as it is on my home network.

    (DSL router has WAN access)

  • Here is how I would do it:

    • settings at your pfsense:

    • make rl0 WAN with static config using the LAN IP of your DSL router as gateway

    • make ral0 LAN

    • enable DHCP Server at LAN and configure it correctly

    • enable "advanced outbound nat" at firewall>nat>outbound and delete all rules after you enabled and saved (this way you are routing and don'T NAT any more)

    • create a rule at WAN to allow access from your dslrouters LAN-subnet

    • if you want to shut down access for the wifi hosts of your pfsense to your dsl-routers LAN subnet add a rule to block access from source any to destination dsl-routers lansubnet at the lan tab of the pfsense. place this rule above the "default lan to any" rule.

    settings at the dsl-router:

    • add a static route for the wifi subnet of the pfsense with gateway wan ip of your pfsense