IpSet Nat Outbound does not work

  • Hello all,

    Please Help me  :'(. I need to communicate my internal network ( with a partner network (, but my partner has to receive packages only from networks, because it already have network configured.

    I've setted Nat/BitNat with my internal network ( and Local Network with network. I also created Nat 1:1 and outbound, but there is no traffic through Vpn Tunnel. The vpn arrow is Up and there is no error in log list, but when I try to communicate with a for example, my network traffic is redirected for wan interface.

    Follows VPN configuration:


    Remote Subnet:

    Does anyone can help me with this issue?

    Obs: I'm sorry for my english. I'm not a native speaker.

  • Shouldn't you swap the localsubnet with the NAT subnet?
    Your localsubnet stays

  • Hi Midnight_Shadow,

    Thanks for Reply.

    I succeed establish NAT before IPSec on Both sides without problem.  :D

    The problem was on my IPCOP on Site B. My firewall established connection on SonicWall using Nat Over Ipsec.

    If anyone need more information, let me know.