Virgin Media Static WAN Configuration

  • Hi,

    We have just changed over to a static wan configuration supplied by Virgin Media with a block of 5 IPs.

    Everything (Web server, Email Server, A lot of other port forwarding fro devices, etc) was working fine before moving to static IPs.

    I have input all the required information to access the WAN but I can't connect to anything WAN side from my LAN Clients. Also I cannot connect to the LAN side mail server and web server from the WAN side. (I have previously configured the firewall rules for these servers and they worked fine). I know i have to update my DNS Settings which I have done with my registration provider, and have other devices working correctly on other static ip's so I must have missed a trick in pfSense

    Looking at the firewall logs, I can see that the router is being blocked by pfSense:
    IF: WAN, Source:, Destination:
    IF: WAN, Source:, Destination:

    I have no outbound restrictions configured.

    I hope someone out there has some bright ideas.




    Details of Connection:

    Static IP:


    Subnet Mask:

    DNS Server 1:
    DNS Server 1:

    Admin IP address of Virgin SuperHub is (This is on the WAN side of pfSense but worked this way before when I was on Dynamic WAN IP)

    psSense version: 2.1- Release (i386)

    The Placement is: WWW <-> Virgin Modem <->Static WAN IP 1: pfSense <-> LAN
                                                                      <->Static WAN IP 2: Another Device
                                                                      <->Static WAN IP X: Etc

    I have configured pf sense as follows:

    1: System > Routing > Edit Gateway:

    • Interface: WAN

    • Address Family: IPv4

    • Name: Virgin Broadband

    • Gateway:

    • Default Gateway: Yep

    2: Interfaces > WAN:

    • IPv4 Configuration Type: Static IPv4

    • IPv4 Address:

    • Gateway:

    • Block Private Networks: Yep

    • Block Bogon Networks: Yep

    3: System > General Setup:

    • DNS Server: - Use Gateway:

    • DNS Server: - Use Gateway:

    • DNS Server: - Use Gateway:

    • DNS Server: - Use Gateway:

  • DOH! I just noticed:

    Subnet Mask:

    IPv4 Address:

    Changed it to:

    … and we're all good.

    #somtimes you have to write it out to see it  ;D

  • Hey Ridgeback,

    Are you on a business or residential line?

    Can you tell me how you have your Superhub configured for this to work?

    We recently had the SuperHub firmware updated and this included the modem-mode feature which has been long awaited by us but am unable to get it working with (or without) our static ip addresses.

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