Failover, 2 WAN, 2 LAN, each WAN for his dedicated LAN

  • Hi,

    I want to do this "simple" setup: pfSense using my 2 WAN for 2 LAN in that manner:

    LAN1 -> WAN1 (except if WAN1 fails then -> WAN2)
    LAN2 -> WAN2 (except if WAN2 fails then -> WAN1)

    I read quite a few tutorials about how to achieve things that look like that but not precisely, so I wonder for my precise case which tutoriel you would recommand me.

    I can setup all this using 1 or 2 pfSense servers, this is not an issue.

    Thanks !

  • From my own test a multiwan failover setup using 2 lan doesn't seem to be possible. This has however not been confirmed by any dev's

    If your are a home user you could drop the 2nd lan and save some power ( 1 watt cost around 2€ a year in Denmark ).
    Then assign a ip to wan1failoverwan2 and others to wan2failoverwan1

    For a company user a hardware failover setup makes more sense.

  • Thanks for you advice,

    This installation is for 2 companies hosted in the same place. Right now we share the same Internet connection with a signle basic pfSense server, but now, we want to separate networks and WANs. However we still want to have either one to be able to fail over on the other one in case its WAN access fails.

    It is better automated, but if this needs to be operated manually, it's not really an issue.

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