Multiple lan subnets work with mono not with pfsense.

  • hello i have the following situation

    wan -----pfsense-----cisco---

    i placed in monowall static routes to the and network.
    Those two networks are conected through the cisco

    All is working fine on monowall

    i have replaced the monowall box with pfsence 1.2rc3.
    The local lan all can go to the internet.
    the clients on the and the the clients on network dont get on the internet.
    With traceroute they reach the pfsense box but there it stops.

    Am i missing something, not needed in monowall but needs to be set in pfsense.
    I also try'ed using the advandsed option to disable the whole firewall but still no go

    Thanks for your time.

  • activate Advanced Outbound NAT and create a rule for every subnet other than LAN you want NATed to WAN.

  • Thank you very much.
    One more question,
    Wich NAT do i need

    Automatic outbound NAT rule generation (IPSEC passthrough) or:
    Manual Outbound NAT rule generation (Advanced Outbound NAT (AON))

    Thanks again

  • the automatic is enabled by default.
    like i wrote: you need to enable "advanced outbound NAT" (manual outbound NAT rules)

    also see:,7001.msg39657.html#msg39657

    if you are running IPsec clients in your network you might want to enable the static port option.
    (search the forum on this)

  • Sorry i need to read better !!
    Thanks for the info.