DHCP scope applied or not?

  • I just built a new pfSense box using the following process (documented as I build it)
    I specified  the DHCP range from the console, when I setup the LAN interface.  At that time, I limited it to .100 to .200.  Plugging in my macbook, indeed I do get an IP of .100.  yet looking in the web configuration tool GUI, it indicates the range is .10 to .245.

    I am confused how this could be…

    I built it using this process.

    PFSense 2.1 Build config
    From Console
    Set Interfaces
    IPV4 DHCP - y
    IPV6 DHCP - n
    IPV6 address - n
    -reboot and test - OK
    Set interfaces
    ip> /24
    no gateway
    DHCP server yes
    IPV6 - none
    Enable secure shell
    Disable boot menu
    exit to shell
    sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=16
    fdisk -B ad4
    y y
    sysctl kern.geom.debugflags=0
    -reboot and test - OK
    Move to web configuration tool
    logon admin pfsense
    hostname >rtr
    domain xx.yy.ca
    timeserver to ca.pool.ntp.org
    timezone to America/Edmonton
    WAN Page > next
    LAN page > next
    set admin password to XXXXXXXXXX
    refresh browser on (
    Add features to dashboard
    DYNDNS, Gateways, Interface stats, Firewall logs, OpenVPN, PFBlocker, services status, traffic graphs
    SAVE settings

    Complete remove of IPV6
    system>advanced>networking> uncheck allow IPV6 Save

    Check System logs
    status>system logs>settings>GUI LOG entries 50>250
    -reboot and check logs for errors

    Add BandwidthD package and enable
    SYSTEM>PACKAGES>Available>install bandwidthD
    services>bandwidthD> enable and save
    -reboot and check - OK  simulate activity wait 15 minutes, verify bandwidthD page has Data  - OK

  • perhaps a screen shot would work better. Could be available rang, but that is generally the entire class-c subnet.

  • Here is what I have under services DHCP server

  • Well I am not sure if it was a bug or not.  I am positive that I entered the range correctly at the start, and it is not what I see in the picture.  In any case I have since redone the range via the GUI and it shows correctly in the GUI now.

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