Forward vpn connection to windows server 2008 R2

  • Good morning!
    I have configured my windows server 2008 r2 as a vpn server.
    I have tested the configuration from within LAN to ensure I get an ip, authenticate, …. It works.
    When I setup my client to use my public ip, which is assigned to pfsense, nothing.
    The weird part is that nothing shows up in system log.
    So i created my nat anyway, port 500,4500 and esp (
    And asked PFsense to log all packet handled by each of those rules.
    and ... Nothing, nothing in any log anywhere, as if I was connecting to a blackhole.
    I think what is happening is due to the fact that I had tried to setup lt2p and openvpn setup on my pfsense. I removed all of it, but I have the feeling those removed configuration is causing the issue.
    I do not kn ow where to start looking, any thought?
    Thank you

  • ;D
    Problem solved. Windows VPN behind NAT how to do it? Don't connect to public ip.

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