Stuck on 2.1 after auto and manual upgrades to 2.1.2

  • I have tried the auto invoke method and the manual method. The upgrade appears to go fine and the system reboots, but it still reports I am at 2.1 and an upgrade is available.

    I am running nanobsd 2g i386 on an Alix board (a netgate kit).
    I see someone else had a similar problem.
    If I look at the diag/nanobsd/view upgrade log, the first lines are:

    NanoBSD Firmware upgrade in progress…

    Installing /root/firmware.tgz.
    SLICE        1
    OLDSLICE      2
    TOFLASH      ad0s1
    COMPLETE_PATH ad0s1a
    GLABEL_SLICE  pfsense0
    Fri Apr 11 18:33:22 CDT 2014


  • I'm having the same issue.  After trying the upgrade twice, I'm stuck on 2.1 from September 2013.
    It is unclear to me what my next step should be.

    Any experts listening?

  • I am stuck in the same spot, but investigating this- I see my available free space as only 907MB, the decompressed image is actually 986M. This is likely where I am getting hung up. I'll either have to find a way to clear some space or do a clean install and restore my config and rebuild packages  :-\