WAN and LAN Fiber Optics!

  • Hello everyone!

    I've been straggling with pfsense here is my setup:
    Soekris NET6501
    Cox Fiber Optics

    Examples of my IP's:
    Routed IP

    I also got static IP's:
    network -

    Obviously I need to setup WAN to Routed IP and Gateway on em0 interface:
    WAN Ip
    WAN Gateway

    I created LAN on em1 interface

    From web gui I can do a test ping to from WAN and LAN just fine, but any pc that is on lan and gets IP address from network can't get outside of lan at all….

    Also how would I assign static IP's that they gave me?

    Guys please help me out here!!!!!!

  • Netgate Administrator

    I assume 65.65.65 is not your real subnet?

    A common cause of not get internet access on LAN is having set a gateway on the LAN interface. Do you see more than one gateway in System: Routing: Gateways:?

    A common way to use assigned static IPs would be to use virtual IPs on the WAN and 1:1 NAT them to devices on the LAN. If you need to use the public IPs on the LAN you'll need to disable NAT.


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