WAN Subnet Issues

  • Hi guys,
    Hi from Australia !

    I have a odd issue , the national 3g network run by Telstra is give me a hard time.

    Long story short i have a 3g modem bridged into the wan port of the Pfsense - VK-T40E2

    Telstra no longer have static ips on the 3g network.
    i get on WAN (DHCP) eg:

    Subnet mask IPv4
    Gateway IPv4

    The internet does not work.  :-[

    Now i think its the subnet , so i manually added  the same ip , but changed the subnet to

    It starts working !  ;D

    My only issue is if i power down the device and power back up (normally get a new ip in dhcp)
    the net does not work, the ip i have set is no longer valid for that device as far as i can work out.

    Any ideas?

    Is there a script where i can change the subnet after receiving a IP ?

    To make things even weirder , if i plug the 3g modem into a pc with dhcp , i get the same ips and subnet of
    but internet works …  :o  so why is pfsense so picky about the subnet?

  • That's not a valid IP configuration, technically that shouldn't work on anything. You're being assigned a /32 network on Ethernet, that means the firewall itself is the only device on that network. FreeBSD won't ARP IPs outside of a directly-attached subnet. Windows will ignore the mask and try. Other OSes may or may not.

    There is a work around.

  • Thank you for helping me find a solution to the issues i was having.

    From the article posted, i can see a solution , but as the gateway keeps changing , How can i create a script that will apply this fix automatically.

    i was thinking i could create a script and called it up at <afterfilterchangeshellcmd>Thank you and i appreciate your support.


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