Network Layout

  • I am not sure if pfsense is capable of this so I thought I'd ask while my hardware is in the mail.

    Can I turn off the dhcp server?

    I have 4 nic's in my router, 1 for internet, 3 for LAN. However I want each lan port to be a gateway for a different network, and I want everything that goes over LAN1 to go to VPN1, everything that goes over LAN2 to go over VPN2, and everything that goes over LAN3 to go over VPN3. Can i set up 3 seperate vpn's in pfsense, then have traffic route over different ones based on what port it comes in through?

  • Yes, Firewall Rules on your Interfaces and OpenVPN with config to route the networks.

  • Ok, great. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to specify which, I haven't looked at it at all, but it's time for a light weight security appliance. Do you think that an intel atom d525 can handle it? I'd imagine raw throughput shouldn't tax the cpu that hard.

  • Netgate Administrator

    As a rough guide a D525 will top out at ~50Mbps of VPN traffic total. It varies by encryption type etc. That's assuming you're terminating the VPNs at the pfSense box which you appear to be doing.