Problems converting from Single LAN to VLANs

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    Original Setup

    • WAN PPPOE from DSL Router
      LAN to unmanged netgear switch
      OpenVPN client and rule to push a specific port through the VPN interface

    • Ubiquiti AP LR

    • Apple Airport acting as AP

    I bought a GS724T and want to setup two VLANs. One to replace the LAN (I read somewhere that you should use VLAN 1, and I think thats what LAN is), and one with DHCP that is routed through my VPN.

    Working to

    • VLAN 100 - Replacing old LAN -
      VLAN 200 - Routed through OPENVPN -
      LAN - (VLAN ID 1 I guess) -
      Ubiquiti AP LR - Two networks, one from each VLAN

    I haven't shut the LAN off obviously, but mostly because I kept locking myself out the netgear.

    Currently I have the Airport aP working, but I've somehow completely broken the Ubiquiti(I suspect invalid netgear VLAN setup).

    If I do a traceroute from VLAN 100 or VLAN 200, it looks like it routes through the VPN. I'm unsure why, but I suspect bad NATing.

    Physical setup on Netgear:
    Port 1 is connected to the PC running pfsense
    Ports 6 - 9 are PCs and such
    Port 10 is the airport AP
    Port 22 is the Ubiquiti AP

    I can supply any pictures that my help my situation.


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