• Hello to all.
    I'm trying to setup routing from one lan to third through the second, but have diffiulties.
    Tried to search posts - nothing found similar.

    Network is:

    (  | pfsense B | <–- IPsec ---> | pfsense A | ( --- (| cisco |                                                   

    I neet to access from pfsenseB network through pfsenseA network (route traffic to cisco device)
    I made ipsec connection between both pfsense boxes (local to remote subnets):
    on B: LAN <->
    on A: LAN <->

    added routes:
    on A:

    from A network I can access VPN network through cisco

    from B network I can't access
    tried to add routes
    didn't helped.

    maybe you know some tricks ?

  • youre network mask on youre routes is to big is till

    so  pfsense server 1 and 2 are olso cot in the route to

    the cisco network is thus including the a and b networks
    chace a and b network to get them out of the cisco network range


    route on a:

    on b:

    on cisco:

  • BTW,
    route is because network 10.x.x.x is on other side of cisco VPN

  • the problem with youre setup is that for server a there is no route to server b all 10.x.x.x trafic is send to the cisco network
    including that for server b
    you can try this but not sure if it will work because off the dubbel network ( is on
    add on cisco

    on a

    on b

  • did like You wrote,

    ping from LAN A to 10.x network is ok
    ping from LAN B to 10.x network destination host unreachable.

    i'll ask cisco gui to check routes also