Windows server 2008 R2 and pfSense working in harmony???

  • Hey guys…
    I've got an issue here. I just got done building and setting up  my pfSense box (dual core and Athlon, 2 gigs of ram, and a 32gig SSD) and I would like to use the pfSense box only as a caching and firewall, but would like everything else to be controlled by my server (2 intel xeon processors, 16 gigs of ram an like 3 tb of hdd space), I took my server put of the equation and have the network currently set up like this;
    Modem----pfSense box----AP1(access point 1)----AP2 and 3---- then PCs and mobile devices.
    Right now the pfSense box is controlling all of these things. Including what I want my server to do such as file services, DHCP,DNS,AD, etc. is there a way to allow the server running 2008 R2 to work in harmony with pfSense? Please help! I really need to get this up and runnin because I have 150+ devices depending on me.

    My APs are all routers converted into an AP.
    my server is currently unhooked but I am thinking it goes between the box and AP1?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love how much faster my Internet is just by simply using pfSense.

  • It can do as much or as little as you like for the features it supports.  I'm using it just as a firewall with Squid caching, plus NTP.  Our Windows AD servers handle DNS and DHCP.

  • How would I have it configured? Modem–-pfSense---server---access points?
    And thank you for your help man

  • Pretty much.  All your LAN clients would use your AD controllers for DNS & DHCP, and your pfSense box as the gateway.  That's it.

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