Multi Wan Load Balance and NAT

  • Hello:

    I am trying to configure my router with multi-WAN load balance.

    My router (Pfsense 2.0) have two WAN interfaces with public ip's each one, and a third interface connected to the LAN with private address

    I want to nat my clients in the LAN, using the gateway group. I follow the next steps:

    1 - Configure the gateway group
    2 - Configure a DNS per gateway
    3 - Add a rule in the LAN interface with source my LAN subnet and the gateway group as the gateway for the rule.
    4 - Configure Automatic Outbound Nat

    But I check the ip of connections at and always see the ip of the default gateway.  The ip never alternates.

    How is it supposed that Pfsense works with load balance and NAT? My guess is that Pfsense nat a connection with the ip of a gateway a time and then nat other connection with the ip of the other gateway next time. But I not sure, my config does not work in such way.

    Any help?


    PD: Sorry for my poor English

  • first of all, you'd better update to the latest stable version of pfSense.

    could you show us some screenshots of your gateway-group + firewall rules

  • Updated:

    2.1.3-RELEASE (i386)
    built on Thu May 01 15:52:17 EDT 2014
    FreeBSD 8.3-RELEASE-p16

    Attached screenshosts

    Thank you

  • did you found solution about this?

    I'm also trying to configure a policy based routing with NAT but seems that if you apply a route-to to a flow, the NAT is not applied.


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