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  • Looking to replace my aged desktop running pfsence 2.0.1.

    Currently two 4M DSL lines go into a load balance router and then into the pfsence box.  I run the box as a pub wifi server.  The captive portal is in use, customised to log users name, email, postcode into a flat file database, sending emails out with each new user.

    I also use the proxy server to log sites visited (can I limit proxy disk space and still log all sites?).

    BT infinity is due to be available soon, and was planning on getting two 80/20 lines installed, and expect to achieve near to 70-80M.

    What sort of hardware is best?  Can I just get an I5 or I7 tower with plenty of RAM?


  • Netgate Administrator

    Any reason you're not using pfSense to load balance the connections?

    160/40 is not a particularly high throughput, you could handle that with an Atom. Adding Squid to the mix will increase that requirement but I would still expect a relatively recent Atom to handle it.
    An i5 or i7 is probably overkill for this application unless you plan on adding, say, Snort or using VPNs extensively.


  • Thanks.

    The router was in place to load balance before I went with pfsence, so it remained.  There are a couple network connections in front of the pfsence box too, so it was just left as is.

    I prefer a little overkill :-)

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