Automatic outbound NAT rule generation not working

  • After upgrade to 2.1.5 i have add one new interface and Automatic outbound NAT rule generation not create automatic rule.
    On existent interfaces it is create auto rules normal
    Some way to reset this rules ???? And re-create correct

  • On comand this interface is on on gui note list rule and nat tro interface not work
    The problem interface is
    Others interfaces works 100%

    $ grep tonatsubnets /tmp/rules.debug
    table <tonatsubnets>{  }
    nat on $WAN  from <tonatsubnets>port 500 to any port 500 -> port 500 
    nat on $WAN  from <tonatsubnets>to any -> port 1024:65535 </tonatsubnets></tonatsubnets></tonatsubnets>

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    looks like is there to me..

    "table <tonatsubnets>{  }"

    Did you create rules on the new interface to allow the traffic you want?</tonatsubnets>

  • Solved its create correct
    My fault

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