Lost WAN connection, can't understand why. How to read logs?

  • I am totally new to pfSense. I just configured the firewall and implemented it live in my home environment. I am trying to get it rock solid stable. I have a very basic config with a couple of NAT rules and upnp connections active and ddns. Otherwise it's pretty stock right now.

    I came home the other day to find out that none of my lan clients had internet access. I have a 50 ip pool for dhcp and a couple of static dhcp mappings. The DHCP server was still assigning IPs the way I configured it to. I could not ping hostnames or ip addresses from lan clients. IIRC I also tried pinging over the WAN directly form the shell at the console and was unable to get any pings. I also could not access the webgui or ssh (which is configured and had been accessed before). I attempted a reboot and got the same results. I looked the console (the firewall is running on a laptop) and it did show that I still had a wan ip.

    Long story short I got access back eventually restoring a pretty old config.

    I understand that from the information I provided there probably isn't enough information to really help diagnose the problem. What I am unsure of is which logs I should be looking at for clues in a situation such as this.

  • Status - System Logs is the first place to start.  From there, select the tabs that may hold detail you need eg. General and Gateways.

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