Configuring static port numbers

  • Hi

    I have installed pfsense at a client where they have VOIP phones where each phone has a different port number and I need to ensure that pfsense does not change it when leaving the office network when the phones communicate with the hosted PBX in the cloud.

    The network setup is
    Internal(  –->  (lan) pfsense (wan)  ---> ( netgear modem    ---->    Internet.

    First question.
    I have created a port forwarding rule on the modem to forward port range 5060:5080 to the pfsense wan port. Do I need to create a firewall rule on the pfsense box for port forwarding or is it all handled through NAT?

    Second question
    I have set "Manual Outbound NAT rule generation" on the pfsense box and now want to know if I need to create a static port on the wan or the lan interface or both.

    Am I going about this the right way?

    Thanks in advance

  • 1.  If you have Auto NAT Rule generation on, which it is by default I believe, then the required rule should be created.

    2.  If you have Manual enabled before you created your port forward then you will have to create the firewall rule.

    I had an issue like this where I had to ensure VoIP packets leaving WAN had to be within a specified port range.  I think I just had to create the WAN rule and that was it.  I'll check in the morning.

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