Varying ISP speeds

  • Hi!

    I'm running the HFSC traffic shaper and set the top speeds to 55/10, which is what my Internet should be running at.  For the past few days, my cable modem speeds will drop down to 25/4-ish at night, due to everybody and their brother probably streaming.  When this happens, my QoS is messed up because it doesn't know that my top speeds drop.

    Is there a way that I can tell pfsense that the top speed of my internet is lower, so please adjust the queues as necessary to accommodate this lower speed?


  • From what I have read, you should set your HFSC speeds to 90-95% of the lowest speed that you get from your ISP.  That said, unless you really need the specific features of HFSC, you might be better off using PRIQ.  No worries about bandwidth settings with that shaper.

  • Thanks for the response.  When I was setting it up, it sounded like HFSC was the newer technology, but PRIQ was easier to setup.  It took awhile to get it right with HFSC, but it works well when my cable modem speeds are the 55/10.

    I'll have to look into PRIQ more.  I think I tried that first and it wasn't working as expected, so that's why I went with HFSC.  That, and the newer technology of HFSC (from what I can remember).


  • PRIQ is stupid simple compared to HFSC.  I don't see how it wouldn't work for you.  Higher priority queues get preference regardless of everything else.  HFSC is sexy and cool, but it takes a lot more work to figure out and the benefits may not even be applicable to you, depending on your network traffic patterns.

  • Quick question.  If PRIQ doesn't care about speeds, then why does the wizard ask you your connection upload/download?

  • Because the GUI is one size, fits all.  You can put values there is you like but they are ignored by PRIQ and CBQ.

  • @KOM:

    Because the GUI is one size, fits all.  You can put values there is you like but they are ignored by PRIQ and CBQ.

    Oh.  OK.  :)  I guess that is where I was kind of getting confused.  I'm going to try to backup my configs and switch over to PRIQ.  :)

    Thank you for the quick responses and information!

  • You can use Diagnostics - Backup/Restore to backup just your Traffic Shaper config.

  • PRIQ will work "better" in this case because it uses strict priority and that benefit you will get. You can still have issues with buffer bloat since PRIQ still won't know to limit your bandwidth, but having your packets at least ordered can help.

    This will only help with upload. Since you're receiving less than what you're attempting to shape, the shaper will effectively be moot. All buffering is happening before the traffic shaper on download. At least in the case of your upload, the prioritization is happening before the buffering.

  • Thanks all for the responses.  I switched over to PRIQ but I'm having issues where it's not playing nice with the priority.    I hate to be one of those people who asks yet another 'why isn't it working' question, but I"m going to be because it's driving me up the wall.

    I'm going to create another topic though since it wasn't the intent of hte original posting.


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