Multiple vlans on WAN (inet & iptv) - 1 NIC only

  • Hi everybody

    I have nightmare with my FTTH - fiber installation. I want to use pfSense as firewall/router but i only have 1 nic and a vlan switch (hp procurve 1810-8g) i used wireshark to sniff the different vlans and found out that i need to use vlan 40 from the fiberbox til get connected to the internet. i do not use the iptv!
    So the config for my vlans says:

    WAN: vlan 40
    LAN: vlan 50
    I have tried to use this topic as guide, but no luck. i am pulling an ipaddress for IPTV, not for the internet :'(

    i have set the vlans on the console as WAN:em0_vlan40 , LAN:em0_vlan50.

    What am i doing wrong?

  • Okay so i got it to work 8)

    Switch config:
    Port 1 ISP/FTTH box -> Tagged vlan 40
    Port 2 Pfsense -> Tagged vlan 40,50
    Port 3 - 8 -> Untagged vlan 50

    pFsense console:
    Wan: em0_vlan40
    Lan: em0_vlan50

    i hope it is the right way to do it :)

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