Pfi_table_update: cannot set xx new ip addresses into table self: 22

  • Hello

    I'm using the 2.2 released version on a DELL PE320
    Installation worked without errors even the sofware raid worked with the internal 3x0 raid controller.
    Also all BCM5720 ports are seen :)

    However, I'm trying to add 120 VIPs but after adding 54 IP's I get the following error:
    pfi_table_update: cannot set xx new ip addresses into table self: 22
    This error shows up at the console after adding a VIP .. after adding more VIPs you only get this error/warning? during a reboot.

    Can I safely ignore this error?

  • I can see the same message on the console. Is it safe to ignore it?

  • To debug this, you need to figure out what error code 22 is in function pfr_set_addrs.

  • Did you solve your problem?

    I have a cluster of pfSense nodes. Both were version 2.1.5. I've remove the second (passive) node, rebuilt it with version 2.2.2.

    Then I had the first node synchronize its configuration to the second node… And that's when I got the error.

    Looking up what error code 22 is really is of no help unless you're a programmer.

    Any ideas?

  • This issue was fixed in 2.2.3.

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