No hostname shown with custom dynamic dns

  • I'm using as custom dynamic dns service. Now i see that no hostname is shown, but update occurs (IP showing green). The host is reachable via the dynamic dns-name.

    Logs don't show anything, except of the successful extraction of IP and successful update.

    Any hint on how to get the hostname shown?

    PS: full install of pfsense 2.2 amd64 on pc hardware.

  • It seems to me a bug…

    No entry for hostname available, that should be fixed.

    I added the hostname directly into the config.xml, it works now right.

  • same issue.

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    No such thing has ever been shown with custom DNS type.

  • Anyone know if this is being addressed?

    I find it a rather annoying issue because Dynamic DNS FQDN values are queried by other pfsense screens. When the FQDN is queried for a Custom type, no value is returned.

    Ex: The Dynamic DNS Status widget shows empty string for the hostname. You can’t tell, at a glance, which FQDN is down.

    Ex: OpenVPN Client export, the "Host Name Resolution" drop down list shows empty values for each custom type dyn client.

    Just theoretical possible solution:

    projectedFQDN = fqdnDisplayName ?? FQDN

    and then I would think consumers would not need to change their code

  • This also breaks the client configuration for VPN. When I choose the client export in the hostname field the service I configured is blank (see screenshot)

    When I try to export as you can see in the screenshot I get an error that there is no hostname configured.
    This looks like a bug to me

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