Fresh install on older Intel D915GAG motherboard

  • I have a bunch of computers with the following specs:
    Intel D915GAG motherboard
    4GB PC-3200
    Celeron 2.66GHz EMT64 Capable CPU

    pfSense 2.2 AMD64 installs just fine - no errors whatsoever during the process.

    When I reboot and pfSense shows the boot options where I can select F1  pfSense or F6 PXE boot, the system seems to get stuck.  What would normally be a spinning \ is stationary and nothing happens.  I enabled verbose logging but it seems this problem occurs before logging starts.

    Any ideas on what is causing the stuck condition?


    ++ Addition:  If I use an SSD for the HDD, it works.  If I use a traditional platter drive it gets stuck.  Which is weird.  Both drives are using the SATA interface.