• Hi,

    I have 2 internet connections at my house and I am trying to setup pfSense in multi-wan.
    Everything works but I get upload errors on bandwidth test sites like speedtest and am unable to send some emails or upload anything bigger than a few kb to a website.

    As a test I created a new VM in virtual box and installed pfSense only changing the below

    Network IP Addresses:
    ADSL Router:
    Windows 7 Computer:

    hn0 -> WAN
    hn1 -> LAN

    Set LAN IP address to

    Interfaces > Wan
    Uncheck "Enable Interface"

    System > Routing > Create Gateway
    Name: ADSL
    Interface: LAN
    Monitor IP:

    Firewall > Rules > Lan > Edit IPv4 *
    Gateway: ADSL -

    Now if I go to the windows 7 computer and set my default gateway to Router) everything works but if I set the default gateway to and browse to a speed test site I get the correct download speed but upload hangs for about an minute and then complains about an error if I try and upload to a website I get “This webpage is not available”.

    As a second test I did the same setup on Hyper-V and tested with a windows 8 computer and got the same issue. Since this is completely different hardware I’m guessing something is wrong with the way I am configuring everything.

    Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

  • Why is the ADSL router sitting on your LAN?
    You are getting asymmetric routing - the client sends packets to pfSense (its default gateway). pfSense sends them across to ADSL router, which gets them to the internet. On return packets, ADSL router delivers them directly to the client, because it is on the same subnet. pfSense does not see the return traffic, states time out, seesion sops working after 30 seconds or so.

    You should have 3 interfaces to do this - LAN, WAN1, WAN2

  • Thanks for the reply.

    There is not really any reason why i have the ADSL router on the LAN, i was just testing pfsense on my current environment.

    Just out of curiosity, I was playing around with ZeroShell and it somehow routed the packets correct is there some way of configuring pfSense to "tag" the packets to return to the pfSense box?

    So to fix my current issue can i just change the IP address of the ADSL router to and set the wan on pfSense to or do i have to physically connect the ADSL router to the WAN port and make sure it is not physical on the same network as the lan?