Thinking of dumping smothwall but first….

  • Hello All,

    I've been reading much of the content on the main site and forums and pfsense looks very impressive… plus it has some features that I'm looking for which smoothwall doesn't offer. Anyway I'm running smoothwall on a nokia ip330 with 3 on board nic's and a add-on card "znyx" which is a dual nic card.  In smoothwall I had to hack some stuff(minor) but i was able to get all 5 nics working.  I've done some searches and have found people having issues with this znyx card in pfsense basically not getting it to work....but these post are more than 2yrs old so I don' t how valid they are today?  Anyone out there that can confirm either that this card does not work? or if it does??

  • If you have the possibility of taking box down a while you could try and run the "livecd" and see if you get upp all nics


  • Have you tried looking up your card in the FreeBSD Hardware compatibility list?

    If it's in there, chances are that it's working. If not you gotta try.

  • I will try and check hardware compatibity list I will report back if it works maybe it can help others….Also what version of bsd is running on pfsense 1.2??

  • Just looked up the hardware in that list and I only see the ZX3XX version…And i believe the card on ip330 is ZX412 Bummer :(

  • As jahonix's post suggests, 6.2 (Release).

  • Hmmmms so I guess it won't work :( damn it

  • I would do a test with the livecd or embedded version. I think I have heard from users that they got all their ports working on the nokia hardware but maybe they had different nics.

  • Thanks to all who posted….I installed pfsense on an extra harddrive I had laying around and to my surprise the dual nic I was worried about worked on 1st try....Ironic is that the on-board nics got bad MAC addy's ff:ff:ff:ff but I'm sure I can spoof those since they are intel cards.... Any way I can now dump smoothwall!!

  • The bad macs on nokia is caused by the hardware. Search the forum for how to spoof them. There's a guide around somewhere for that hardware iirc.

  • There is some pretty detailed information on the m0n0wall forum if you search for nokia there. I'm not sure it applies to ip330, but you could take a look.

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