Match rule with dest IP and a !port?

  • Is there a way to define a match rule to have a destination IP and a not port (!80)?  Seems the GUI's "not" checkbox applies to the destination IP and doesn't apply to the port number, or perhaps it applies to both.  Is the only way a 2nd similar rule with a dest any, port 80, and "not" checked, located below the primary rule?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I think this has come up before and no.  Make a port alias not_80 with ranges 1-79 and 81-65535.

    Or you could do what you want to do with port 80 in a rule above what you want to do with everything else.  Just use any port in the second rule)

  • Thanks Deric. Your "1:79, 81:65535" suggestion is what I was looking for.