New setup not working

  • So my old setup burned down with PSU failure, else i wouldnt be here asking for help. So the thing is :
    My ISP connects me via GPON and its router : Inteno DG301 which run all of its VOIP and Digital TV stuff but crashes when everyone connects to it. So i went for PfSense two years ago and kinda have forgotten how i set it up. So now due to the burn-out thing i have to re-set whole system again.
    So system runs like this : GPON>Inteno router> Port 1 Cable to Wan of PfSense. Lan of PfSense to Main switch.
    Inteno config : Gateway DHCP to 1.252 (253 for some other stuff, 254 router acces)
    Pfsense config : Gateway DHCP -
    PFsense is given IP of from Inteno.

    So problem now is, that i can ping any address on the Console (VGA), but i cant ping anything via connected PC nor WebConsole.
    PFsense connected computers cant ping each other nor the computers on Inteno network
    PFsense computers can ping PFsense router
    PFsense computers cant access any internet atm.
    How to solve this? From my 2 year ago setup i remeber you had to make a rule to allow connetions between two networks but how?
    And why cant they connect to interet ?

  • You don't mention what hardware you're using for the old/new setup.

    If you haven't reformatted the old HD from the burned out pfSense box, you can probably still retrieve the old config.xml file and get most/all of your original setup back.

  • Old setup was totally destroyed, including the hdd, when switching HDD on, it doesnt power up and burning smell appears.

    New system :
    Cpu : Amd Sempron 3850 X4
    Motherboard : ASUS AM1M-A
    4GB DDR3
    2x D-LINK DGE-560T (1Gbit) network cards
    Kingston SSDNow S200 30GB SATAIII
    Some DVD reader
    Corsair ATX 2.31 VS Series 350W
    And INTER-TECH SY-120 case

  • I would still try hooking the drive up to a different system and see if you can access anything.  Your problem may well be a bad P/S and the drive is fine.

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