Problems with new install embedded version

  • Hello all,

    I want to try an pfsense in an old Nortel Contivity 1010

    I downloaded the embedded version pfSense-1.2-Embedded.img.gz
    Verified MD , was OK
    Unpacked it to pfSense.img

    Tryed to dd it on an 128 MB card.
    dd if=c:\temp\temp\pfSense.img of=\.\h:  bs=1M –size --progress

    Now my questions:

    1. is it normal that dd stops with
      31+0 records in
      29+2 records out
      Is the whole image written ?
      I tryed this in the contivity and it can't boot. (boot error on console interface)

    2. is the downloaded pfSense.img for an 128 MB card or other format ?

    3. if pfSense.img is for an other format, do I need to resize it to 128 MB ?

    4. if so, how to do it on an WIN XP machine.

    5. Thanks for the answers !

  • I dont know about DD but you can just use "physdiskwrite" from to write the compressed image under windows to the CF.

    The downloaded image needs a minimum 128 MB card. It can be more, but the additional space wont be used.

    Take a look at the documentation.
    This guide is for the WRAP but you can use it for you too (just ignore all the WRAP stuff)

  • Just tryed with "physdiskwrite" and it worked.

    Much more simple !


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