Opt2 subnet being blocked

  • I have kind of a unique situation one of my isps is a wireless that keeps everyone on the same subnet. everything works great on my setup, dual wan over two isps one being the wireless, but I do have one thing that I'm trying to get around but I don't understand why it's happening

    A quick overview of my network, and the network of two of my other locations the first is a dual wan setup with failover.

    lan–-                --wan(xxx.xxx.1.109/29)
              |pfsense|                                  location 1
    wlan--              --opt1(xxx.xxx.2.211/24)

    lan--    |pfsense|--wan(xxx.xxx.2.213/24) location 2

    lan--    |pfsense|--wan(xxx.xxx.2.214/24) location 3

    locations 2 and 3 are on the same subnet as the opt1 interface at location 1
    the problem is that traffic if going in and out fine to everywhere but the 2 and 3 location, the mail gets forwarded properly unless it's sent to location 1 from 2 or 3 and it's the same with all ports that I've forwarded, I've added rules to location 1 on all the interfaces to allow any traffic from that subnet but it is still blocking the traffic, has anyone seen this or know a work around?

    also just as a side note, the traffic from the opt1 subnet is blocked on both interfases at location 1.


  • Try to traceroute back and forth and check if the routes are different. This will break statefulness. Maybe you are missing a route somewhere or your multiwan rules are sending out packets to the wrong gateway.

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